Club notes and meeting updates

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  1. Big Meeting coming Feb 27.



    1. The Feb. meeting is turning out to be a significant meeting. Once when we discussed how far-flung some of our members are, we agreed to have a couple significant meetings a year, expecting to attract as many members of the club as possible. Feb 27 is one of those, it seems. Knowing we’ll have a large crowd, we reserved a room in Dordt, the same big room we met in summers at our Field Days. You’ll enter off 4th Ave on the western side of the campus, go east a little ways, and the science building is the large yellow wall on the north side of the street. Meeting starts at 7:00, with no time for hanging out first. Big agenda. We are going to arrange some folks to bring goodies for a snack time afterwards, possibly honey lemonade, and we’d like all to consider what honey treat you would like to bring to share.
    2. Main agenda is Jamie Beyer and Linn Wilbur. These men work in DesMoines and represent us to the legislature. They are central in the effort to make March 14 Honey Bee Day in Iowa. Our bees owe them both a huge debt of gratitude, so be sure to come hear them speak.
    3. Jamie Beyer will also teach us how he builds swarm catch boxes. Every good bee yard should have a box mounted somewhere that gets checked occasionally, and if it has collected a swarm, that needs to be moved into a production box. Jamie has done this successfully many times, and he’s fun to listen to. You can build these yourself. He’ll teach us how.
    4. Plus, we’re inviting the Northwest Iowa Beekeepers club to join us for this important program. Thanks in advance to the members of that club who (hopefully) will travel quite a distance to be with us. One of their members, Tim Olsen, presented a session at last fall’s Annual Meeting on building nucs and over-wintering bees in them—a method of hive increase that seems to work well. Let’s hope he can make it and lend us his expertise as well.
    5. At the end of the Feb meeting, we’ll meet the graduates of Duane’s two classes (Sioux Center and Sioux City). Ron has been working on a directory, so he should be able to connect newbees with mentors right at the meeting Feb 27. Club members will hopefully hold hands with the newbees this first season. There will be no technicians through Duane’s grant in 2018, so it’s going to be up to the club to provide advice and suggestions to those just getting started. This is a GREAT way to learn beekeeping, and a great way to make new friends. Hope you are all willing to take on a mentee.


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