Local Info:  The club has access to an extractor.  Contact one Ron before accessing this for a time and details.. There are “rules”:

a.       Be sure to leave the site “cleaner” than you found it

b.       The building has residents (cats) that must not be allowed into the extracting room…keep the door rolled shut at all times.

c.       There is hot/cold sink in there, but not a big heater. Efficiency. Bringing some cloths with you is good, for cleanup and wash up etc.

d.       There are strainers, two cold serrated knives, one heated extracting knife, some rollers, bring your own hive tool to work the frames.

e.       There are two uncapping tubs. After uncapping your frames, you can take the one tub with you(leaving the other for someone else), drain the honey in the lower tub into the strainer on your bucket, and letting your capping drip down until rather dry; then spread them on plastic near your hives. Bees will clean off all honey and your wax will be clean. Clean up the tub and return asap so that others can uncap too.

f.        As you work, let the honey in the extractor run into a strainer and then into a bucket with a gate on it. You can carry one gated honey bucket home with you, but if you need to fill more than one bucket, you better bring your own bucket. A shallow super with packed, capped honey, will yield at least 3 gallons of honey. If you have 4 supers, bring along at least 3 buckets. Once you get home, bottle out of the bucket with the gate, clean it, and return it with the cappings tray you took home.

g.       When you arrive, there will be honey in the bottom of the extractor. The last one would have leaned the extractor forward and let the honey run until it stops. When you finish, after leaning the extractor forward, you too will leave some honey in the extractor. It all works out.

h.       YOU MUST EMAIL RON TO GET A DATE IN THE UNCAPPING ROOM.  I’ll keep a calendar. Try not to be too spontaneous…

i.         Oh, and did I say you need to leave the site as clean as possible? (there is rolled paper on the floor, so that spills can be wiped up, and if the paper gets totally fouled, remove it and lay down some new paper.) Honey stains concrete, and propolis is even worse. Set your boxes on the paper!

j.         Reward Jay—leave him some honey for his family, set your cappings out in front of his bees, pay him some money—think of some way to thank Jay for letting us all use the building. He’s very generous, and we need to be as well. If you are reading this and have not joined the club (we did a $20 membership last March), but you’d like to use the extractor, we’d love you to still join—how about leaving behind a $10 for the use of the equipment? (depends on how much you used the machinery) and then be sure to join the club next March!


Ron at 712-449-5010
Dave at 712-541-4803
Helen at Dordt at 712-722-6354