Upcoming Events


                    Next meeting will be February 26, 2019.  Starts at 7pm.  
                                Location: Old Orange City Hospital, 400 Central Ave NE, Orange City IA.  Go down the stairs or take the elevator to the  basement.
                 March  9, 2019            Siouxland Beekeepers Winter Bee Fest.         
                                                         12noon to 4 pm  registration prior to noon.
                                                               Dordt College Agriculture Stewardship Center, 3648 Highway 75 N, Sioux Center IA.
                                                          Register at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJW6VMkLkyrYmZyRkLnry3PWJIWRknkC3MO8w-WGn47Nzajg/viewform
                  We invited Randall Cass of Iowa State University to come and address us. He’s an entomologist and his specialty insect is the honey bee. Come prepared to lean a lot about our little friends.   Also featured will be our very own IHPA President Roy Kraft. Roy loves to help his bees make comb honey. He’ll teach us how he goes about it. He also makes his own queens using the Nicot system, and he’ll bring that along and tell us how it’s done.   Then comes a report from our local queen‐rearing experts, John Anderson and Dave Korver. Both have successfully reared queens using different methods. Our entire club has a general goal of rearing northern queens who know how to survive, plus we want to select for mite resistance. We all dream to be free from buying southern‐bred stock.   We’ll also have bunch of displays: observation hive, long hive, sugar boards, winter covers, and many other clever designs.  There will also be side products available, from lotions to lip balms to candles, etc.   Plus, one never knows when the almond patties and other Dutch pastries will show up…