Upcoming Events

                    Next meeting will be 2pm Saturday March 23rd, 2019 at the Woodbury County Extension Office  4728 Southern Hills Drive 
                                John Anderson will give his presentation that was previously scheduled for the March 9th Winter Bee Fest.  This will cover some basics on the club’s project to raise queens and why you may                                     want local northern bred queens in your bee yards.  It will also cover some ways you can incorporate these queens into your hives when they are available in the late summer.

                                Then we will hear a few beekeepers talk about their first year in beekeeping followed by an open discussion for any new beekeepers who have questions about what to expect in their first year                                  with bees.                                 

                    March 26, 2019.  Starts at 7pm.  
                                Location: Old Orange City Hospital, 400 Central Ave NE, Orange City IA.  Go down the stairs or take the elevator to the  basement.